Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About Booking Jazz Bands

Are you a booking agency?
No, Connecticut Jazz Events is not a booking agency. I am simply a bandleader who has multiple ensembles, and I will work with you (or your wedding planner/event planner) directly to ensure your event is a success. If you are an individual, you will save money by hiring Connecticut Jazz Events because there is no booking agent. If you are an event planner or wedding planner, Connecticut Jazz Events offers you the benefit of being able to choose between a variety of bands before making your decision.

Can you help us choose the instrumentation that is right for our budget and venue?
Of course! I would be more than happy to help you pick the ideal band for your occasion. Feel free to email or call anytime!

Will the band be too loud?
Don’t worry. We get hired to provide light background music for most events and we have lots of experience doing so. As a bandleader, I am very aware of this common concern and will always ensure that the overall volume of the band, no matter the size, is beneath the sound level of the conversations happening in the room. We can even make larger groups such as the quartet/quintet much quieter by having the drummer use brushes instead of sticks. If during your event you think we are playing too loudly, please let us know and we will quickly adjust.

What types of groups are available?
Connecticut Jazz Events can provide you with an variety of groups in a range of instrumentations and styles. Preview recordings of professional Jazz groups right here.

Can the band or one of the musicians in the band play the ceremony as well as during other parts of the event (such as cocktail hour)?
Yes, we can provide music the ceremony whether you want traditional wedding ceremonial songs (such as Canon in D, Here Comes The Bride, and more) or jazz.

Are there any hidden fees for travel or setup?
No. When you provide us all the necessary information when requesting a quote, the price we give you is the price you pay.

How does your band dress for events?
Suit and tie unless the client requests otherwise.